Planning a Spa Bridal Shower in Auckland


Spa bridal showers are a great way for brides to spend time with friends and pamper themselves before the big day. Bridal pamper packages in Auckland and are the ideal treat for brides to be. The bridal party can have a shower or hen night or both! In most cases, bridal showers are held a short time before the wedding.

Pre-Planning Before the Party

Getting organised is the best way to ensure a successful and memorable bridal shower. Below are a few easy tips on planning a pamper party in Auckland.

Set a date: Ideally, the spa bridal shower should be held over a weekend, as most people have time away from work. However, it’s best to check with the bride first.

Choose a venue: A pamper party in the bride or a friends home can be a good way to keep the event affordable. You can transform your lounge with candles, soft towels and lighting and hire the services of a mobile beauty therapist who can pamper you in the comfort of your own home.

Send invitations. As details such as the venue, date, and guest list are finalised, the shower invitations can be sent out.

A Few Weeks Before the Spa Party

Events like these are a once in a lifetime proposition for most people, and the party planner should take steps to ensure a special day for the bride.

Food: Having a spa day is about being healthy, and the food should match the theme of the party. Serve salads, fruit, and vegetables along with sparkling fruit punch and water.

Guest list: Bridal shower guests typically are the bridal party, female relatives of the couple, and the bride’s closest female friends. However, all bridal shower guests should also be invited to the wedding.

Favours: Shower favours should fit the spa theme. Give guests scented candles, bath oils and aromatherapy materials packaged nicely and tied with a personalised ribbon.

Remember there are a number of pamper party providers in Auckland and the best ones, such as Roisin Byers ( can offer wedding hair and make up as well.

A bridal shower from Roisin Byers ( will start the wedding celebrations off in the most fabulous way!


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