12 Top Tips To Avoid Make-Up Meltdown for Summer Brides in New Zealand


Beautiful clear skies and minimal chance of rain are great reasons to choose summer time in Auckland, New Zealand for your wedding. Maybe you’re planning a tropical beach wedding, in which case these tips will apply all year round for you. High temperatures and sun exposure will be the biggest problems to deal with for summer brides. Here’s some tips on how to avoid the disaster of a make-up meltdown whether you’re the bride, a bridesmaid, mother of the bride, mother-in-law or one of the guests.

1. Avoid using a new brand of make-up on your wedding day

Nothing worse than an allergic reaction to an ingredient in a new make-up. Imagine the morning of your wedding and you break out in hives or an itchy, scaly red rash = disaster! To avoid this problem make sure you try out your make-up well in advance of before your big day to allow plenty of time for healing.

2. Don’t get a facial or other skin treatment in the few days before your wedding.

Similar reasons to number one above. The week before your wedding is not the best time to try out a new facial product and risk a reaction that will make your skin worse.

3. Drink plenty of water

Drinking water, lots of water (at least 2 litres a day) will flush your body of toxins and keep you hydrated. Well hydrated skin will be clearer and less prone to breakouts. Two days before your wedding is not a good time for a full detox though, as that could trigger an unwanted breakout.

4. Ensure you get plenty of rest

Resting and making sure you get plenty of sleep in the days before your wedding will minimise the dark circles under your eyes and the signs of stress, like skin breakouts. Hopefully your bridal party has all the arrangements in hand, and if not delegate. Now is not the time to be a control freak and stay up all night making table decorations or blowing up balloons!

5. Ditch the moisturiser

Just for this one day you do not need the extra moisturiser if you want your make-up to last. Instead opt for an oil-free primer to act as a base for your foundation.

6. Don’t over do the bronzer

In bright sunlight your skin will look shiny anyway and if you use a bronzer with lots of shimmer you will only enhance that shine! Do make sure your make-up has an SPF factor to avoid sunburn or have a parasol handy.

7. Do a test run

A test run of your hair and make-up is essential. Try out different make-up styles to make sure you are happy with your overall look and hair do.

8. Don’t dye your hair

Two days before your wedding day is not the best time to experiment with home hair dyes! You could have a reaction, you could stain your skin and the colour could go so badly wrong!

9. Waterproof those eyes!

Waterproof mascara is a must to avoid the big smudges from all the tears you’re going to shed – it’s an emotional day. As well as mascara look at using a primer for eyes (sensitive skin formula) to help eye-shadow stay on longer.

10. Setting sprays

A make-up artists secret weapon is a setting spray. Specially formulated to keep your make-up looking amazing all day despite the heat and humidity.

11. Touch Up Kit

Don’t leave for your ceremony without a touch-up kit. This kit can be left with one of your bridesmaids or perhaps your mother as you may not have your own bag. Essential to include: blotting papers, face powder, cotton tips (for under-eye clean ups) and lipstick for reapplying after drinks and dinner. You can choose to have mac bridal makeup in Auckland.

12. Book a professional make-up artist

They are professionals for a reason. Choose a professional make-up artist with years of experience. Read testimonials, get a referral from a friend and definitely invest in a trial run! If you have a large bridal party you may need a team of artists to assist with the busy morning preparations.

Roisin Byers is a wedding makeup artist Auckland based. Roisin Byers and her team specialise in bridal make up and hair Auckland wide. You can visit the studio or book a home or venue consult, whichever is more convenient. She is a busy bridal make up artist in Auckland so be sure to book early. Prices and details can be found on her website www.roisinbyersmakeupartist.com.

Planning a Spa Bridal Shower in Auckland


Spa bridal showers are a great way for brides to spend time with friends and pamper themselves before the big day. Bridal pamper packages in Auckland and are the ideal treat for brides to be. The bridal party can have a shower or hen night or both! In most cases, bridal showers are held a short time before the wedding.

Pre-Planning Before the Party

Getting organised is the best way to ensure a successful and memorable bridal shower. Below are a few easy tips on planning a pamper party in Auckland.

Set a date: Ideally, the spa bridal shower should be held over a weekend, as most people have time away from work. However, it’s best to check with the bride first.

Choose a venue: A pamper party in the bride or a friends home can be a good way to keep the event affordable. You can transform your lounge with candles, soft towels and lighting and hire the services of a mobile beauty therapist who can pamper you in the comfort of your own home.

Send invitations. As details such as the venue, date, and guest list are finalised, the shower invitations can be sent out.

A Few Weeks Before the Spa Party

Events like these are a once in a lifetime proposition for most people, and the party planner should take steps to ensure a special day for the bride.

Food: Having a spa day is about being healthy, and the food should match the theme of the party. Serve salads, fruit, and vegetables along with sparkling fruit punch and water.

Guest list: Bridal shower guests typically are the bridal party, female relatives of the couple, and the bride’s closest female friends. However, all bridal shower guests should also be invited to the wedding.

Favours: Shower favours should fit the spa theme. Give guests scented candles, bath oils and aromatherapy materials packaged nicely and tied with a personalised ribbon.

Remember there are a number of pamper party providers in Auckland and the best ones, such as Roisin Byers (www.roisinbyersmakeupartist.com) can offer wedding hair and make up as well.

A bridal shower from Roisin Byers (www.roisinbyersmakeupartist.com) will start the wedding celebrations off in the most fabulous way!